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The Once And Future King hurt/comfort place
August is Open Rec Month on Arthur Whump 
5th-Aug-2014 08:13 pm
arthur whump

We want our community to be the go-to place for great Arthur_whumpage, so we're starting things off in August with an open rec. Know of a fic, vid, or art that contains Arthur h/c of any kind that you really loved? Rec it here all through August. We invite you to join our community!

Please use the text box below for your rec'ing, and rec in a new post. You'll have to join the community to do so, but it's as easy as that. No wait for approval necessary. I'll add the author to the tags as soon as I can.

I'm starting out the recc'ing this month with one of my favorite Merthur fics. It's one of the few that I go back and read again and again, and it contains a great scene of Arthur whumpage that I have no doubt is one of the reasons I adore it.

Author: Malu_3
Title: No Gays in Football
Word Count: 212,918
Type of Whump: physical, some emotional
Summary: Arthur is a closeted football player who falls for his physio, Merlin.
Why It's Awesome: Merlin's accent, the sexual tension, vulnerable Arthur! And, of course, the h/c scene.
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/730238/chapters/1356591
6th-Aug-2014 01:56 am (UTC)
Title:Danger Zone
Word Count:12,238
Type of Whump (physical, emotional, psychological):physical
Summary:Starting his final year of high school, Arthur doesn't expect much excitement coming his way. But that changes when he realises that the new boy in his class is actually a sorcerer. Merlin's casual use of magic and rather blatant advances make Arthur quite a bit uncomfortable, and yet he can't help feeling drawn to the mysterious boy. Then Arthur finds out about Merlin's past, and a literal storm breaks loose.
Why It's Awesome: I loved this Merlin that was more than a little wild, on edge, and dangerous, and adored Arthur, who can't decide whether he's more than a little turned on by Merlin and his magic.
6th-Aug-2014 10:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, excellent! I guess I should have been clear. Could you re-post to the community the exact same way? If you're not a member, you just have to join to post. Thank you, rocknvaughn, for being awesome an reccing! I want to read this!
I'll add the author to the tags now.

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